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Group of international students


Welcome at the School of Business and Economics of the Osnabrück University. Here you’ll find some information which will help you get started at our School.

For more general information on accommodation, visa, insurance please visit the website of the International Office of the University.


The study at the School of Business and Economics is organized around semesters. There are two semesters in a year, the winter semester and the summer semester:

Winter semester
Lecture period: October – February
Exam period: February – March

Sommer semester
Lecture period: April – July
Exam period: July – August; September is for retakes.

Detailed information regarding our offered courses is presented in our course information system Stud.IP .
To register for the exams please use our registration software HISInOne.

Information for full-time students

Please consult our German website for information on the full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Business, Economics and Information Systems.

Information for exchange students

As exchange students, you are allowed to take any course you choose, both in German and in English, at our school as long as the following conditions have been met:

a) Places are available. Please inform yourselves whether an application is needed for a specific course. Normally you’ll find all the information you might need (like deadlines, documents for submission and such) in our course information system StudIP.
b) Prerequisites have been met for a specific course. For example, you would need some previous knowledge in marketing to take an advanced marketing course. In addition, Bachelor’s students usually take Bachelor’s courses and Master’s students Master’s courses. If you are in doubt whether you fulfil the prerequisites, please consult the lecturer directly.

After you have chosen a course and ensured that the conditions mentioned above have been met, please follow the steps below to take and complete the course:

  1. Register for a course on StudIP.
  2. Make sure that you go to all the lectures, tutorials and exercises which are offered for the course (module).
  3. Register on HISInOne for the exam within the stipulated dates given by the examination office, if you would like to participate in a regular examination. Usually such an examination is offered at the end of the course as a written exam. The German term for a written exam to look for on OPIuM is “Klausur”. Oral examination on the other hand is called “Mündliche Prüfung”. For any exception from the regular form of the examination please ask the lecturer directly.
  4. Go to the announced dates offered by the examination office if you would like to inspect your written exam after it has been graded. The inspection of a written exam is called “Klausureinsicht” in German. Such an inspection could be particularly helpful if the grade you have received is not very good. During the inspection you have the chance to see and understand which mistakes you have made. Please visit the website of the Examination Office (in German) to look up the dates.